Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Liu De-Ching, Taoyuan, March 16th) In an inspection visit of the training of the military forces in Taoyuan this morning, Chief of General Staff Yen Teh-Fa expressed his expectations that the officers should abide by the principles of “strict and rigorous training”, and to continue strengthening the combat training to develop an iron force with “specialized professions and comprehensive skills”.

Accompanied by the department officials of the Ministry of National Defense, Chief Yen first visited the Army 269th Mechanized Infantry Brigade to listen to briefings of their recent missions to understand the implementation of the equipment maintenance, instructor training, course allocation, and military discipline and safety. He also surveyed the shooting practice and the comprehensive martial arts training, and expressed acknowledgement and encouragement for the hard work of the officers and soldiers.

Emphasizing on the importance of training and preparation, Chief Yen has instructed all officials to make full and proper use of the training budget, procure prioritized items in accordance with the training requirements of the troops, and to procure appropriate training assistive equipment timely in accordance with regulations. The Chief also raised the example of the “Gun-shell Recollection Bag”, and instructed the military units to inspect their inventory and procure as required so as to avoid the pressure and worries of losing the empty shells and therefore affecting the shooting results.

Chief Yen reminded the officials that they should explain the regulations of outdoor break or rest to the officers and soldiers so as to establish the correct concepts, such as ensuring that the important missions on the following day, like shooting practice, driving, night course will not be affected.

Chief Yen also stressed the importance of safe driving and requests that all officials, officers, and soldiers should implement safe driving education to avoid the incidence of safety violations outside the camp.

In addition, Chief Yen also inspected the Army Armor Training Command and listened to the briefing for the “Specialized Profession and Comprehensive Skills” training of the Armor Brigade and encouraged the unit to exercise care in the planning and execution and to stipulate standards for the training tests. At the same time, the officials should also conduct counseling and surveys on the training troops to ensure implementation efficacy and to ensure compliance with the needs of combat training.