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(Military News Agency reporter, Guo, Chia-Liang, Kinmen, March 14th) In order to execute the regular maintenance and reparation of the “Sea Dragon Boat”, the Army Amphibious Battalion began to conduct the loading and unloading operations for the Sea Dragon Boats at the Liaoluo Bay, Kinmen a few days ago. During the operations, the officers and soldiers adhered to the standard operating procedures to ensure the completion of the operations safely and quickly.

The Army Amphibious Battalion expressed that the 46 feet high, high performance speedboat, also known as “Sea Dragon Boat”, is the main equipment of the battalion. It is used for the surveillance and escort, artillery deterrence and marine rescue operation on the outlying islands during peacetimes, and can also be used for the sea infiltration, and logistics operations behind enemy lines during times of war.The Army Amphibious Battalion pointed out that the loading and unloading operations before and after the boat maintenance is a high-risk operation and should be carried out when the weather and sea conditions are relatively stable so that the difference between the high tides and low tides can be grasped and the operating personnel may cooperate together to complete the operation.

In order to implement maintenance operations, the Amphibious Battalion has grouped the personnel into different divisions, so that the tasks of each division such as the boats, wheelers, and shore handling can be individually commanded and the officers and soldiers can perform their duties to implement the boat maintenance and ensure the equipment is kept at high functional rates to guarantee the smooth completion of subsequent missions.