Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Xu Zhen-Wei, Kaohsiung, March 4th) Administrative Deputy Minister of the Ministry of National Defense, Lieutenant General Wang Xin-Lung presided over the “Military Insurance Ordinance Amendment cum 2016 Welfare Services Seminar Tour” and expressed his expectations that the attendees will actively participate and devote their efforts to the welfare services, as well as strengthen their knowledge of the military insurance ordinance to ensure the rights of the officers and soldiers are protected.

Conducted in the Chang Kai-Shek Hall of the Marine Corps Academy in the morning, the seminar had summoned the officials of the different military departments in the south and arranged for theme speeches such as “Military Insurance Ordinance and Amendment”, “Military Insurance Underwriting and Payment Services”, “Military Group Accident Insurance Services”, and “Military Pension, Commemoration, Burial, and Housing Services”. The seminar is expected to allow the attendees to better understand the Military Insurance Ordinance and the amended contents, so as to ensure the financial stability of the military insurance and its sustainable development.

Administrative Deputy Minister Wang stressed in his speech that the military pensions, burial, housing, and caretaking services is an important mission in the welfare service of the military. All officials should provide the services with an active and pragmatic approach and in times of needs, provide the officers and soldiers and their families with assistance in the various applications so as to protect the rights of the officers, soldiers and their families.

The Administrative Deputy Minister also expressed that the military insurance, group accident insurance, military pension, burial and housing services, healthcare services, welfare visits and the rights of the family members are all equally important aspects of the military welfare services, and will be the key to increasing military unity as well as determine the success of the military recruitment, so he hoped that the military welfare personnel will actively participate in offering their services to show the care and concern of the government for the officials, soldiers and their families.