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(Military News Agency Special Report, Chou Li-Xing) “I am glad to be able to participate in this military training exercise. Besides enabling me to understand that women are equally capable of completing missions in the Marine Corps, at the same time, the exercise trained me to face any challenges fearlessly and complete my mission with courage!”, said First Lieutenant Platoon Leader Li Chia-Yun of the 66th Marine Brigade that is in the midst of a Joint Armed Forces Exercise in Pingtung. She has led her platoon to undertake the strict tests in the expectations of achieving good results for their department.

In the camp combat training for mock skirmish, her team demonstrated an unyielding combat force and high morale. In the midst of the masculine, confident faces, Li Chia-Yun was exceptionally conspicuous due to her young age and innocence. However, as she issued commands to her team, she displayed a calmness that belied her age. Truth be known, having experienced the rigors of the “Evergreen Exercise” last year, Li is just exhibiting the imposing spirit of female heroism.

Beside increasing the overall combat proficiency of the troops, Li Chia-Yun also expressed that the military base training also provides an opportunity for the soldiers and officers to get to know each other better and to better understand the missions and obligations of a soldier so that the soldiers and officers will be more willing to strive harder to live up to the glorious tradition of the Marine Corps.

In addition to the conspicuous and dutiful female platoon leader, the most inconspicuous personnel would be the sniper platoon soldiers, all of whom are highly skilled in concealment and camouflage. The platoon leader, Sergeant Major Chen Ming-Huang had previously led his team to win the first prize in the group sniper contest organized by the Ministry of National Defense and also won the second runner-up in the individual sniper contest. With such a strong foundation, Chen will continue to lead his team to complete the assigned missions in the military base training this time.

Chen Ming-Huang said that, during the military exercise, the comrades-in-arms of the company have developed strong brotherly and sisterly bonds, allowing him to better understand the importance of cooperation in times of war. He has confidence that their platoon would be able to complete missions of the base training and the following “Lian-Yong Exercise” successfully.