Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Chen Jian-Xing, Matsu, March 3rd) In order to strengthen the mobilization efficiency of National Defense, the annual “National Defense Mobilization and Disaster Relief Exercise (Min-An Exercise 2)” and the National Anti-Air Defense Exercise (Wan-An Exercise 39) will be conducted today in Lienchiang County. The Exercises will mobilize and integrate the resources of the government, military, police force, firefighting department and civil relief organizations and through the exercises, the disaster prevention mechanisms, administrative mobilization and regional key infrastructure defense measures may be tested to ensure the implementation and preparation for national defense and increase the capabilities of disaster relief.

This year, the first Min-An Exercise will be held in Nangan, Matsu, and targeting the characteristics of the potential disasters in the area, complex disaster scenarios such as typhoons, floods and chemical disasters, as well as oil spills on the seas and ship accidents will be simulated in which war gaming will conducted the implementation of the different stages of the Wan-An Exercise 39 and the Comprehensive Military Exercise. Mayor of Lienchiang County Liu Zeng-Ying, Executive Yuan Mobilization Report Guidance Official, Wu Meng-Fen, Provisional Executive Official Major General Tsai Chung-Cheng and Matsu Defense Command Deputy Commander Major General Yang will also be on scene to participate in the exercise.

The war gaming session will be conducted in the morning in the Fire Department of Lienchiang County where disaster warnings of typhoons (floods) rescue and post-disaster restoration will be simulated. In the sessions, the County government departments (offices), township offices, military and civilian organizations will be prompted with situations and ad hoc questions as part of the exercise to inspect the preparation and integration of resources in times of peace and during disasters, and to propose measures for strengthening disaster response.

In the afternoon, the Comprehensive Exercise will be conducted in the Nangan Fu-Ao Harbor in which a simulation of the region being affected by typhoons, massive rainfall and subsequent disaster zones will be simulated. The joint rescue missions conducted by the military, police force, and fire departments, and the deployment of 148 military personnel, and 88 vehicles and equipment from the Matsu Defense Command in the Exercise demonstrated the close cooperation relation between the military and the Matsu region.

Mayor Liu Zeng-Ying expressed that Lienchiang County is the outpost of Taiwan, critical to the defense of the Taiwan Straits and security of Taiwan. Although tensions across the Straits have eased, the outlying islands must continue to abide by “Military and Civilian Cooperation, and Standing As One with the Island”. The Min-An Exercise will unite the military and civilian forces and under the joint cooperation, the resources of Matsu region can be maximized so that in times of need, these resources may help to protect the lives and property of the people.