Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Zhuang Chia-Hung, Taipei, March 1st) Met with widespread praises for the two promotional videos, “Immediate Rescue” and “Dangerous Mission” uploaded on the Ministry of National Defense Spokesman Facebook page, the third video “Rapid Strike Force” will be uploaded today to offer the people a different insight and understanding of the military, stimulating the people’s support for national defense.

The third video “Rapid Strike Force” presents an actual footage of the training of the military forces and describes how the military is comprised of different individuals and how the strengths of each individual may be combined to form the overall strength of the nation, therefore through the filming of the actual training drills, the videos can propose a perception of “I am strong, therefore the country is strong” and show a faithful representation of the military might of Taiwan.

The Ministry of National Defense welcomes members of the public to view the promotional advertisements carefully prepared by the military and share them with their friends to support the national defense policies through their actions.