Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Chou Li-Xing, Taipei, February 29th) The Air Force Command expressed today that due to recent events of stray dogs wandering onto the airport runway in Hualien Air Base, causing severe damage to the military and civilian aircraft, the military has begun the capture of these stray dogs in accordance with Article 34 of the Civil Aviation Act yesterday (February 28th). Currently, 7 stray dogs were captured within the military base while veterinarians were sent for to treat the stray dogs that were injured during capture. The Stray Dog Shelter of the Hualien Animal and Plant Disease Control Bureau has also been contacted to provide assistance for the settling of the dogs tomorrow (March 1st).

The Air Force Command stressed that the Air Force has always highly valued aviation safety, and the eviction of the stray dogs in the airport is implemented in accordance with the regulations while care is taken to ensure aviation safety and animal lives during the capture. The Air Force would like to thank the society for their suggestions and concern, as well as urge the public to continue to support the military in the protecting aviation safety and ensuring combat readiness training.