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(Military News Agency reporter, Tsai Zong-Heng, Tainan, February 24th) Chairman of Friends of Armed Forces Association, Li Dong-Liang led a group to ask after the welfare of officers and soldiers who have rendered their assistance in the disaster relief operations following the Tainan earthquake on February 6th. After the earthquake, the military immediately devoted resources into the relief operations, sacrificing their time with their family during the New Year festival. Their spirit of devotion towards the people should be acknowledged and encouraged.

  Accompanied by the Secretary General Tseng You-Fu, and the directors of the service offices in Kaohsiung and Tainan, Chairman Li visited the Navy Fleet Command and the Army Wangliao South Base to ask after the welfare of the officers and soldiers in the morning. Besides watching the documentary footage of the relief operations, the Chairman also organized a thanksgiving meal and had lunch with the officers and soldiers who had took part in the rescue to thank them for their efforts and contributions during the crisis.

  Chairman Li expressed that the military officers and soldiers have always made their contributions silently behind the scenes over the years and defended the security of the people by standing steadfast at their posts. This time the 564th Brigade at Wangliao South Base was the nearest military base to the site of the collapsed Weiguan Building, so they were able to deploy troops, resources and rescue machinery to the site within an hour of the collapse. The Combat Zone also established a command center immediately to effectively grasp the progress of the rescue operations and ensured the integration of resources, fully demonstrating the high mobility and execution ability of the military.

  Chainman Li pointed out that during the rescue mission, the military officers and soldiers worked tirelessly, regardless of day or night, in the rescue operations and experienced many touching stories. The combined efforts and contributions of the officers, soldiers, policemen, firemen and rescuers were witnessed by the people, therefore on behalf of the Association, he also expressed his gratitude to the officers and soldiers of the rescue departments, in the hopes that the military personnel will be able to experience the warmth and concern of the people for the military.

  During the meal, Chairman Li visited each table to shake hands with the personnel and asked after their wellbeing. He also encouraged the newcomers in military to look on the seniors as their role models, and learn from them so that they may bear the responsibility of protecting the people together.