Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Li Yi-Hao, Taipei, February 23rd) The Ministry of National Defense will be drawing lots for the “2015 Substantive Examination on Property Declaration by Public Servants” at the routine press conference today. Spokesman Major General Luo Shao-He expressed that the “Act on Property-Declaration by Public Servants” is an aspect of the “Sunshine Acts”, aimed at encouraging public servants in major positions to establish correct political ethics and curb monetary based politics, as well as guard against the collusion of officials with businesses through asset declaration and to increase public confidence in the government.

  Luo Shao-He indicated that in accordance with the “Regulations Governing Review and Inspection of Materials of Property-Declaration by Public Servants” and the regulations established by the Ministry of Justice in 2016, the Ministry of National Defense will be organizing open lot-drawing for the 2,836 military personnel subject to the regulations to draw 398 personnel for substantive examination, amongst which 8 will be selected for comparison of property declaration of previous years to ensure compliance with the proportions required by the Ministry of Justice.

  Luo Shao-He stressed that “Curbing Corruption and Fraud” is an endless war in which the “Honesty and Integrity” should be the highest level of personal standards and military personnel should strive for the objectives of “Need not be corrupt, will not be corrupt, dare not be corrupt and not willing to be corrupt” advocated in the honest officials’ proverbs. As property declaration is the basic project of ensuring integrity, therefore military personnel must comply with regulations and strive for honesty and integrity so as not to fail the expectations of the public.