Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Li Yi-Hao, Taipei, February 22nd) Ministry of Defense Deputy-Chief-of-Staff cum Executive Officer, General Pu Tze-Chun will be meeting with Nicaraguan Chief Inspector General, Lieutenant General Adolfo José Zepeda Martínez to award medal on behalf of their respective governments to their counterpart as a symbol of the lasting military friendship between Republic of China and Nicaragua.

  Held at the Bo-Ai Military Base in the afternoon, the medal awarding is a simple yet ceremonious event, witnessed by the invited guests of honor, including Ambassador William Manuel Tapia Aleman.

  Executive Officer Pu Tze-Chun first presented Lieutenant General Adolfo José Zepeda Martínez with a “3rd Class Order of the Cloud and Banner” on behalf of the Taiwan government to commend him for his contributions to the promotion of military exchanges between our countries. Followed by the awarding of the “Armed Forces Cross of Valor” to General Pu Tze-Chun by Lieutenant General Adolfo José Zepeda Martínez to strengthen the friendship of both nations.

  In his speech, Executive Officer Pu Tze-Chun expressed that being awarded the medal is not just a personal honor but also a demonstration of the deep diplomatic ties and military friendship between Taiwan and Nicaragua, especially as Nicaragua has always spoken up for Republic of China on many international occasions and been a steadfast ally of Taiwan. He will continue to strive for the promotion of bilateral military exchanges and cooperation to enhance our friendship and develop better prospects 

  Lieutenant General Adolfo José Zepeda Martínez also expressed his gratitude for being awarded the Republic of China Medal and stressed that the communication and exchanges between our governments, military and people are based on the long term foundation of stable mutual trust and friendship, which has led to the mutually beneficial achievements today. He also hopes that our countries will continue to maintain close cooperation and exchanges so as to strengthen our diplomatic ties, as well as working together to promote peace, security and stability.