Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Zhuang Chia-Hung, February 21st) Regarding the media report on “Human Resource Freeze Prior to Change of Political Regime Leads to Vacant Management Position in the Ministry of National Defense”, the Ministry expressed today that, in accordance with the regulations of “Public Service Appointment Act”, during the duration from the announcement of the President-elect on Election Day to the Inauguration Day, the appointment of directorate personnel will be suspended, and starting from January 16th, all human resource appointment will be suspended. All vacant positions will be filled after May 20th in accordance with provisions and procedures.

  The Ministry of National Defense pointed out that, regarding the vacancy of the official positions such as the procurement office, civil officials from all departments and units are welcome to participate in the audition for the position.

  The Ministry of National Defense stressed that the vacant position is currently managed by a provisional official and the promotion of the relevant duties will not be affected.

  In addition, regarding the report on “Delayed Filling for Vacant Directorate Position Caused by Conflict of Candidate Choice between Ministry and High Level Officials” by a certain print media, the Ministry solemnly clarifies that the said rumor is untrue and the contents of the report are false.