Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Zhuo Yi-Li, Nantou County, February 18th) In the “2016 Reserve Officer Promotion and Recognition cum 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Counseling Organization” held at the Nantou Reserve Command today, the Reserve Command Commander Lieutenant General Tang Chia-Kun led the attendees in a moment of silent prayer for the victims of the Wei-Guan Kinlung Building in Tainan.

  In the following promotion and acknowledgement ceremony, Commander Tang bestowed promotion ranks on 39 military personnel for their contributions to the success of the Han Kuang Exercise, Tong Xin Exercise, disaster relief missions and the promotion of military affairs, and also awarded medals to personnel that have made outstanding contributions in human resource recruitment, national defense, mobilization preparation, and promotion of good exercise habits. Besides acknowledging the excellent work performance of the personnel in Reserve Command, he also expressed his gratitude for their contributions and expects that the Qingxi students will continue to develop the spirits of “Honesty and Loyalty” while offering their support to the national defense and strengthening the combat force of the reserve soldiers to fulfill the objectives of “National and Civil Defense”.

  Commander Tang stressed that when the country is faced with emergencies of earthquake relief and rebuilding, the firm and unified support of the reserve soldiers will be needed to effectively integrate the resources provided by both military and civil sectors during the crisis. Under the guidance of the “Streamlined Standing Forces and Storing of Reserve Forces” policy, the reserve forces have become the backup support for the armed forces as well as the foundation for national defense. Only by working together, integrating resources from the government and the private sectors, strengthening mobilization preparation and establishing a strong defense capability, can we ensure the security of the nation and the stable development of the society.