Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Wu Bo-Yi, Kaohsiung, February 17th) In the implementation of the regular maintenance operations of the Navy Zhongping Battleship, all the officers and soldiers on board will be mobilized and kept busy with the various maintenance tasks. From the management of the battleship appearance to the maintenance of the thrusters located at the bottom deck, it is obvious that the officers and soldiers have contributed much effort and hard work for their “home” aboard in order to maintain the battleship at its maximum combat capacity and build a strong naval force that can defend our naval frontiers.

  To establish a strong and firm sea frontier and ensure the safety of Taiwan, every battleship in the Navy plays an important role, therefore all the battleships must undergo regular maintenance, amongst which the annual “regular maintenance” of Zhongping Battleship is an event of utmost importance. During the stay in the dry docks, the officials at different levels will make full use of the time to distribute the assignments and implement progress control to ensure all the maintenance and repairs meet the required objectives.

  Implementing regular maintenance for such a large battleship would entail a lot of attention to the various details, especially when the battleship is docked in the dry docks. After the battleship is parked in the proper position and the water is drained, the officers and soldiers will have to endure the unpleasant odors to inspect the areas previously obscured by the water and to race against time to scrape off the barnacles before they dry up. After that, they would continue with the maintenance of other areas such as power and motor facilities and exterior hull of the battleship.

  Taking the bow thrusters of the Zhongping Battleship for example, due to the long term execution of missions, all the rotor blades of the thrusters will have to undergo cleaning and maintenance. In the maintenance this time, in conjunction with the operation, professional technicians have also conducted in-depth repairs on the pipelines and other machineries while the other officers and soldiers were devoted to the repairing of the navigational instruments, repairing of the deck and painting jobs. With the progression of the maintenance, the battleship was renewed and prepared for the undertaking of the next mission.