Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Lin Jing-Jie, Taipei, February 16th) “We may not think much of the actions of the military normally, but they have always been contributing behind the scenes without us knowing it. When necessary, they would even have to sacrifice their lives to protect our safety” said Director Hung Cheng-Chang of Mai-Mu-Wei-Si Cultural Company who is filming the military promotion advertisement for the second time when asked about his personal opinions of the military during the press conference in the Ministry of National Defense today.

  Hung pointed out that he has never considered the filming of promotional videos for the Ministry of National Defense as a “business”, and he is willing to forego his profits to produce the best video possible. He aims to present the other aspects of the military using different angles and perspectives in the hopes that the people will be able to view the military in a different light and strike a chord with the people, and ultimately achieve the objectives of improving the image of the military.

  Hung stressed that during the filming of the promotional video, he witnessed the military officers and soldiers standing steadfast in their duties and putting in hard efforts for the combat training, therefore he decided to present the three promotional videos of “Immediate Rescue”, “Rapid Strike Force” and “Dangerous Mission” in different perspectives. One would present the current true combat force of the armed forces while the other two videos would assume scenarios where the military would have to utilize tactics and strategies to execute their mission. Through filming techniques and perspectives, the audience can witness a rarely seen image, the real side of the military.

  In addition, to improve the quality of the military promotional video, Hung will strive to adopt the music specifications of Hollywood movies and has invited movie soundtrack artist Hsiung Tsu-Sheng to compose the tunes for the series, as well as adopt the live performance of the an orchestra band. At the same time, elements of national identity will be infused in the movies complemented with a faithful presentation of the current capabilities of the military without any exaggeration, so as to better connect with the personal experiences of the audience, invoke their patriotism and close the gap between the people and the military.