Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Liu De-Qing, Tainan, February 15th) Accompanied by other supervisors and council members, Chairman of Veterans Affairs Council Tung Hsiang-Lung visited the 0206 Earthquake refugees that were settled at the Tainan Home for Retired Veterans today and brought with them fruits and gifts to express concern for their wellbeing.

  Manager of the Tainan Home for Retired Veterans, Fan Fu-Ping expressed that after the earthquake occurred and upon hearing the collapse of the Wei-Guan Kinlung buildings and other buildings, the city government required a place to for the refugees to settle down, so at 8 a.m. on the same day, they called the Social Affairs Division and Rescue Division of the Tainan City government Disaster Response Center to inform them they have 30 beds available for emergency settlement.

  Currently, the Tainan Home for Retired Veterans has assisted the settlement of 11 refugees which is 10.1% of the total number of refugees requiring relocation. Tung Hsiang-Lung also acknowledged the efforts of the Home in voluntarily offering their resources and services.