Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Li Yi-Hao, Kinmen, February 4th) In the inspection visit to Kinmen Military Base today, Chief of General Staff General Yen Teh-Fa wished the officers and soldiers a Happy New Year on behalf of Minister of National Defense Gao Guang-Chi, and expressed his gratitude for their contributions at their duties and encouraged them to keep up the good work. He also expects the officials to strengthen combat training and to implement preventive surveillance and reconnaissance so as to build a strong defensive force.
Accompanied by the officials from the Ministry of National Defense, Chief Yen first inspected the Kinmen Reserve Service Center, radar stations, mixed artillery battalions in the morning where he listened to the mission briefings and introduction of current operations such as recruitment, combat training, logistics and maintenance, preventive surveillance and reconnaissance, and discipline, and expressed his acknowledgement for the selfless contributions devoted by the officers and soldiers in their defense of Taiwan.
During the inspection, Chief Yen personally visited the bases of the artillery battalions and command posts to understand more about the training progress, instructed the military units to strengthen their preventive surveillance and reconnaissance, and to implement both vertical communication and horizontal deployment so as to build an interlinked and rapid information network for the overall security of the defense zones.
Chief Yen also stressed the importance of strict training as training is the basis for the combat capability of a military force, therefore all officials should uphold the principals of “ensuring strict, difficult and actual training” in the implementation of the progressive training. At the same time, the units should also incorporate the missions and characteristics of the units into the training courses to develop soldiers with different talents and ensure the success of the missions.
With the New Year Festival just around the corner, Chief Yen reminds the officials that it is imperative to strengthen the military discipline to ensure the officers and soldiers abide by the regulations, avoid, specifically, violations such as drunk driving, and ensure the officers and soldiers can rest happily and return safely so as to protect the integrity of the combat capabilities and military honor.