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(Military News Agency reporter, Chen Jian-Xing, Taipei February 3rd) In the 2016 New Year Reunion Dinner hosted by the Friends of Armed Forces Association today, Chairman of the Association, Li Dong-Liang will be expressing his gratitude to the military welfare organizations and the members of the Friends of Armed Forces Association for their long term contributions and efforts. He also expressed his wish that they will continue to offer their support to the military and wished them a Happy New Year.

  Presided by Li Dong-Liang, Chairman of Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce Lin Por-Fong and representatives from the various industry and commerce organizations, as well as the Friends of Armed Forces Association were invited to the dinner where they interacted and offered one another good wishes for the New Year Festival. During the dinner, exciting performances, such as “Good Luck for the New Year”, “Happiness All Around”, and lucky draws were presented to boost the atmosphere of the event.

  Li Dong-Liang stated that, looking back at the past, the Friends of Armed Forces Association has made significant progress in offering soldier services, emergency relief, military welfare services and accommodation services, especially services to the military units that are located in remote areas. In addition to organizing welfare trips to these remote bases to offer their concern, the Friends of Armed Forces Association has also organized trips to Kinmen Command, Air Force Bases, Wuzhi Mountain, Dasi, and Cihu recently to show concern to the officers and soldiers where their arrival has been met with enthusiasm.

  Li Dong-Liang hopes that the society will continue to participate actively to show concern and encouragement to the military troops. In the spirit of “Harmony”, “Tolerance” and “Care”, he also encourages the members of the association to cooperate in their service of the military officers and soldiers so as to serve as bridge between the people and the military and to offer support to the military. At the same time, the Association should be more willing to take on responsibilities to offer better care and support to the officers, soldiers, and their family members.