Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Chou Sheng-Wei, Keelung, February 2nd) With the New Year Festival around the corner, Minister of National Defense Gao Guang-Chi will be visiting the single retired veterans in the Keelung area today on behalf of the President Ma Ying-Jeou to express gratitude to the veterans for their service and contributions to the development of the country, as well as pay them an early New Year visit.

  Accompanied by the Director of the Political Warfare Bureau, Lieutenant General Wen Zhen-Guo, Defense Minister Gao visited the veterans in “Xiang Ho Villa” and “Hoping Retirement Home” in the morning, and offered them New Year gifts, showed concern for their wellbeing and reminded them to stay healthy and safe for the New Year.

  “In the past, you have protected the country. Now it is our turn to take care of you”, said Defense Minister Gao. Thanks to the selfless sacrifice of the veterans in their youth to protect the safety of the country, Taiwan is able to enjoy a peaceful and prosperous society today, and to express the gratitude for the contributions of the veterans, it is only natural that the military take up the duty of the caretaking of the veterans.

  In the process, Defense Minister Gao also inquired about the health of the veterans, and instructed the management to provide comprehensive services and assistance to ensure the veterans enjoy the warmth and care of the country.