Defense News


  (Military News Agency reporter, Chen Jian-Xing, Kaohsiung, February 1st) In the inspection visit of the southern standing forces in the morning, Chief of General Staff, General Yen Teh-Fa expressed, on behalf of the Minister of National Defense, Gao Guang-Chi, his concern to the officers and soldiers for their steadfast efforts in their duties. In addition to wishing them a Happy New Year, he also ordered the officials at different levels to continue combat training and to strive for further training and improvements on the existing foundation and ensure the combat readiness of the military.

 Accompanied by officials from the Ministry of National Defense, Chief Yen first inspected the Marine Corps 99th Brigade and the Army 43rd Artillery Command in the morning where he listened to the briefings of the unit missions, combat readiness training, disaster relief and rescue, recruitment as well as guard duty for the New Year Festival, and offered his guidance. Chief Yen also expressed his recognition of the high morale exhibited by the officers and soldiers in the execution of their combat training.

  During the process, Chief Yen also ordered the departments to strengthen the implementation of combat readiness training and equipment maintenance, as well as to ensure personnel safety and discipline during the missions, so as to ensure the training will demonstrate the skilled combat force of the military and allow the troops to become an elite military force which will increase unit honor and create a positive image.

  In addition, Chief Yen is also concerned with the results of recruitment and talent development. He made it a point to visit the training facilities in many of the military bases, and instructed the efficient utilization of resources to attract more youths to take up a military career and shoulder the responsibility of protecting the country.