Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Li Yi-Hao, Kaohsiung, Jan 31st) Following their visit to the army academy yesterday, the three hundred outstanding students from the senior high schools in Taiwan continued their visit to the Naval and Air Force Academies today. In addition to satisfying the needs for curiosity and future development, these students have also learned a deeper understanding of the features and successes of the military academy education.

  The “Elite Project” visiting group will arrive at the Naval Academy in the morning where they will be introduced to the academy and engage in an experience sharing session with cadets who have participated in an US exchange program. The Project fully demonstrates the development of cadets with the characteristics of “Officer, Gentleman, and Diplomat”, as well as the rich experience of the academy, earning the admiration of the students and also subtly inspiring their willingness to take on a military career.

  Following that, the Naval Academy Drum Band and Marching Band presented an exciting performance. The students also had the opportunity to observe the different kinds of weaponry and ship simulation classrooms, allowing them a deeper understanding of academy life and facilities. The visitors were also allowed to board the Cheng Kung Class and La Fayette Class frigates to understand the positions and duties academy students will undertake upon graduation, as well as the application of the academy knowledge and theories in practice.

  In the afternoon, the students proceeded to the Air Force Academy on Gangshan where they were introduced to the academy and allowed to participate in the simulator experience and aircraft displays.

  It is also worth mentioning that the Air Force Academy categorized the visiting students who have passed the registration health inspections in a “Reserve Eagle Group”, and arranged for them to learn the actual operations and participate in the AT-3 and T34C flight simulators. During the course, the students paid close attention to the instructors and followed the instructions during the operation, fully showing their potential to become the new Eagles of the Air Force.