Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Zhuang Chia-Hong, Taipei, Jan 28th) In the 2016 Congress Task Guidance Meeting presided by Deputy Minister of National Defense Chen Yung-Kang today, he expressed his wish that the co-workers of the Congress would translate the task guidance into actual actions, to ensure greater success for the congress tasks.

  The meeting was held in the lecture hall of the Bo-Ai Military Camp in the morning. In his speech, Deputy Minister Chen expressed his gratitude to the Congress for their long-term efforts in the Legislative Yuan which enabled the smooth implementation of policies, and for their assistance in promoting two amendment drafts, “Provisional Regulations for Promoting Volunteer Military Recruitment” and “Military Personnel Insurance Regulations”. He also expressed his praise and encouragement to the contributions of the Congress on behalf of Minister of National Defense Gao Guang-Chi.

  Deputy Minister Chen expressed that with the instatement of the 9th Legislative Yuan on February 1st, the future human resource arrangements in the Legislative Yuan, legislation policies, political party operations will be subject to a new era, so the Congress staff should get familiarized with one another and maintain good relations. Regarding the criticism proposed by opposition parties on defense policies, the Congress should strengthen communication, strive for the support of the opposition parties and resolve any differences.

  In addition, with regards to the annual central department inspection, major investigations and annual project research conducted by the Control Yuan, Deputy Minister Chen hopes that the relevant departments will complete the preparation of required information in advance so as to provide a comprehensive report to the inspection committee and investigators and avoid negligence which may affect subsequent investigation results.

  The meeting will first begin with the work report for the 1st meeting of the 9th Legislation by the Political Affair Office, followed by the key points of Congress Liaison, and the sharing of practical experience. The director of the Conference Department of the Legislative Yuan, Gao Ming-Chiu was also invited to present a speech on the theme “Congress Conference Regulations and Operation Practice” so that the participants of the meeting will understand the conference regulations and allow smooth congress operation.