Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Chou Li-Xing, Taipei, Jan 27th) To commemorate the victory in the Battle of Guningtou, Kinmen in 1949, and the noble spirit of the defenders who have braved the odds and sacrificed their lives in defending Taiwan, President Ma Ying-Jeou will be presiding over the “Medal of Honor for Taiwan Defense” ceremony, organized for the first time in history, in the Presidential Office in the morning.

  The Ministry of National Defense indicated that among the 48 personnel who received the medals, some of which are the original defenders while others are the surviving family of the defenders. The battles included the Battle of Guningtou, Battle of Dengbu Island, Battle of Daerdan Island, Battle of Nanri Island, Dongshan Island Campaign, September 3rd Artillery Strike, Battle of Yijiangshan Islands, Second Taiwan Strait Crisis, September 2nd Naval Battle, Naval Battle of Gengmen Island, Battle of Nanshanwei Island, Naval Battle of Zhejiang, August 6th Naval Battle, Aerial Battle of Wenzhou Bay, Aerial Battle of Sishuang, and the Jan 13th Aerial Battle. The military aerial units, Black Bat Squadron, Black Cat Squadron, and Fire Fox Squadron gathered intelligence in mainland China, collected reconnaissance photos of special operations and conducted special operations behind the enemy lines.

  The Ministry of National Defense indicated that the medal winners included officers and soldiers from army, navy and air force, sergeants, lieutenants, colonels, generals and the Kinmen Self Defense Force. 12 defenders died in duty, 31 were meritorious, and 5 were returned after refusing to yield upon capture. Among them, 9 were Taiwanese and 5 were from Kinmen, proving fully that in the era, the soldiers and people were of one heart in defending Taiwan, regardless of ranks, regions, and ethnicity. Their unity was effective in deterring the communist forces from attacking Taiwan and protected the peace and stability of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Mazhu for over 60 years.

  The Ministry of National Defense further expressed that, President Ma stressed in his speech that the most important contribution of the R.O.C. military to the development of Taiwan was the retrocession and defense of Taiwan. “Without the retrocession of Taiwan, Taiwan would not have achieved success today. Similarly, without the defense of Taiwan, we would not survive until today.” While we are enjoying democracy, freedom, peace and prosperity, we should also cherish it and forever remember the sacrifices and contributions made by the military for the defense of Taiwan.

  In addition, the Ministry of National Defense also pointed out that, 126 American soldiers sacrificed their lives in the Taiwan Straits when USA was assisting in the defense of Taiwan. This show of friendship will be forever remembered by the people and government of Taiwan.