Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Lin Jing-Jie, Chiayi, Jan 26th) Following the visit to the Kinmen Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion in the morning, the “2016 New Year Military Combat Readiness” media group will be visiting the Air Force 455th Tactical Fighter Wing to understand firsthand the combat readiness training of the Air Force and their preparation for aerial defense to assure the citizens of a safe New Year Festival.

  During the exercise, the Chiayi Air Base will simulate an aerial attack scenario in which the standing personnel on guard duty will complete gearing their combat uniform, 360o inspection, missile loading and FOD inspection within 6 minutes so as to takeoff and engage in aerial combat smoothly. The cooperation demonstrated between the aerial and ground crew and the rapid response capabilities have won the unanimous acknowledgement and praise from the reporters.

  After the emergency engagement drill, the F-16 fighter jets will then return to the cleaning stations where the ground personnel will clean the aircraft using RO water to ensure the combat jet will not be in danger from rust and corrosion before the jet is returned to the hangar where it will continue its guard duties.

  In addition, the 455th Tactical Fighter Wing will also display the in-service fighter jet models and ammunition on the base tarmac so that through the media reports, a comprehensive report of the aerial defense equipment and capabilities can be portrayed to the public and strengthen the confidence of the people.