Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Zhuo Yi-Li, Wuling, Jan 25th) Beset by the cold air currents, the surrounding areas around Hehuan Mountain are covered with a deep layer of snow while many places in Taiwan are also witnessing snowfall. Stationed in the Wuling Base Camp, the “High Altitude Cold Terrain Teachers Course” organized by the Aviation and Special Forces Command and the 586th Armor Brigade will be conducting the snow terrain combat training and CM-21 Armored Vehicle Dynamic Tests today. Their perseverance in face of the cold demonstrates their spirit to defending their nation and people.

  The trainees of the “High Altitude Cold Terrain Teachers Course” in the Army Aviation and Special Forces Command Training Center will wake up in the morning to a temperature of almost -5oC to commence their snow terrain training. As it is the first time the trainees are training in snow, they will begin with the “Snow Clog Basic Training” to learn the basic “turn left”, “turn right”, and “turn backward” movements. After they have learned to navigate their paths in snow, the training would then move on to gentle slopes, steep slopes, and finally full combat gear skiing training.

  Grateful to the cold weather and snow terrain, the trainees made full use of the rare opportunity and obeyed the instructor’s orders to follow the procedures in the hopes that they may improve their high altitude and snow terrain combat skills and become qualified high altitude and snow terrain soldiers that will be able to complete their future missions regardless of climate and terrain conditions.

  On the other hand, the 586th Armor Brigade also cleared the accumulated snow around their armored vehicles in the morning, and inspected the fuel, water and electronics systems as well. Under the command of their officers, the CM-21 Armored Vehicle dynamic test was carried out and the vehicle was used to crush the snow on the roads near the Base Camp to allow safe passage for personnel and vehicles.

  In response to the potential snow disasters in high altitude snow terrain, the 586th Armor Brigade has, in 2015, followed the protocol of “pre-deployment of troops for immediate rescue” and deployed 2 CM-21 Armored Vehicles to Wuling Base Camp. During this period, personnel health monitoring and cold weather gear inspection will be conducted daily, not to mention the CM-21 maintenance. When the disaster strikes, the response measures may be activated anytime to ensure cooperation with local police and fire departments for rescue operations.