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(Military News Agency reporter, Lin Zhe-Ting, Chiayi, Jan 24th) The 2016 Extended Annual Report cum Director Handover ceremony was held at the Reserve Forces Counseling Center in Yijhu Township, Chiayi today. Witnessed by center personnel, the solemn handover ceremony was presided by Reserve Command Commander, Colonel Chen as former director Chen Jie- Lung handed over the seal of command to the new director, Xu Zhen-Xing.

  After the handover ceremony, Commander Chen issued the 2015 4th Quarter Certificates of Honor to Huang Chong-Wei and six other members with outstanding performance. He also expects that all the officials will continue to demonstrate the spirit of loyalty and righteousness of the Reserve Forces Counseling Center, and achieve the mission of the Counseling Center.

  Last but not least, Commander Chen expressed that with the beginning of a new year, he wish the reserve forces new visions and new targets, and to use the award-winners as a benchmark for the development of reserve forces. In addition, Commander Chen expressed his gratitude for the service of the former director, Chen Jie-Lung in the promotion of the Center operations, and also expects that the new director, Xu Zhen-Xing would be able to lead the Center in implementing a “Civil Affair” platform and network to promote the spirit of loyalty and righteousness and develop the Center functions so that a comprehensive communication channel can be established between the military and the public and to promote national defense awareness.