Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Chen Jian-Xing, Taipei Jan 21st) Director of the Friends of Armed Forces Association, Li Dong-Liang led a delegation group to visit the standing forces in the eastern and southern Air Force Bases to show their appreciation for their contributions to the defense of the nation and to offer early wishes for the coming festival.

  Accompanied by Deputy-Director of Political Welfare of the Air Force Command, Major General Yu Qin-Wen, Deputy Secretary-General of the Association, Zhao Yong-Sheng, and directors of the various Association offices, Director Li visited the Air Force Bases in Hualien, Taitung and Pingtung, as well as the Songshan Air Force Command to show their concern for the standing forces and offered welfare funds as a token of their respect for the military personnel.


  Director Li indicated that, although the officers and soldiers stationed in the eastern and western area are located in remote areas and enjoy little convenience in amenities, they have continued to stand steadfast at their positions and put in their best efforts in combat training. He hoped that he may represent the society and visit the military forces regularly to thank them for their continued efforts, and join them in their efforts to protect national safety and social development, so that Taiwan may enjoy a strong support and foundation.


  During the visit, Director Li also interacted with the military officers and soldiers to show his concern for their training and living conditions, and expressed his gratitude for the kitchen staff. Director Li stressed that the Friends of Armed Forces Association will continue to offer more diversity in services to the officers, soldiers and their families, and promote the morale and dignity of the military so as to garner the recognition and support of the families and society for the military.