Defense News


(Journalist Zhou Li-xing of Military News Agency on Jan.19 in Taipei) Chen Yong-kang, Vice Minister of Ministry of National Defense hosted “2015 Armed Forces Confidentiality Review Meeting” today to encourage each core member to do their best to make contributions to national defense security under the good foundation of confidentiality and the goal for “zero leakage and zero violation.”

  Held in Boai Military District in the morning, the Confidentiality Review Meeting contained project reports on “Implementation of the Preservation and Filing of Confidential Information,” “Modes of Hackers and Information Safety and Protection,” “2015 Armed Forces Confidentiality Review and Improvement” by Military Affairs Office, Office of the Deputy Chief of the General Staff for Communications Electronics and Information, and Political Warfare Bureau respectively so that the participants can learn and familiarize themselves with related issues.

  As Vice Minister Chen suggests, modern wars are determined in seconds. Therefore, the means of confidentiality have to be updated with technology in time. The disclosure of any confidential information to the enemy may possibly cause critical influence. Thus, confidential information protection is a common responsibility for the whole armed forces. The only way to ensure the security of armed forces confidential information is to establish enthusiastically the armed forces’ habits to keep confidentiality and information security and reinforce protection measures all the time. 

  Vice Minister Chen also reminded the core members of the armed forces to be well-prepared for potential dangers, establish correct concepts of confidentiality, always keep highly alert, and bravely refuse temptations under the four guidelines “anti-spy confidentiality mission from the outside,” “keeping making progress in the means of confidentiality with time,” “taking advantages of safety protection measures,” and “implementing confidentiality education thoroughly” so that the internally clean and externally strong and solid armed forces can thus be developed.