Defense News


(Journalist Chen Jian-xing of Military News Agency on Jan. 17 in Taipei)

   To honor the reserves and reinforce ideas of national defense, Reserve Command today points out that from January 19 to February 22, 2016 Reserve Promotion and Core Member Praise and Anniversary for Counseling Organization Establishment will take place in each county/city reserve command (service center). Representatives of all walks of life, reserves, and core members are invited to attend the event and help promote policies regarding national defense. 

  As Reserve Command suggests, the event this time falls on the 50th anniversary of Reserve Counseling Organization. Therefore, the event will focus on the “celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Organization” in terms of “social networking activities,” “promotion and praising ceremonies,” and other ways. Besides, fairs with local characteristics will be held throughout the event in combination with the recruitment of the armed forces, artistic and cultural exhibitions, and presentation of the Organization’s achievements so as to promote recruitment, reinforce all citizens’ ideas of national defense, and solidify foundation of reserve mobilization.