Defense News


(Written by Reporter Cho, Yi-Nan from Military News Agency, Nantou, January 14th)

  To strengthen the preparation, response, rescue, and recovery of disaster prevention and to verify the disaster prevention system and plan feasibility, Deputy Chief of Staff Wang, Hsing-Wei visited National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior to supervise the preparation for 2016 Min-an No. 2 Exercise and praise the entity for their efforts.

  In the morning, Deputy Chief of Staff Wang, accompanied by Director of Disaster Prevention Office Chou, Kou-Hsiang and Commander of  5th Combat Area Lieutenant General Chen, listened to task briefings at Zhushan, Nantou, and learned about the venue planning, exercise events, circulation, backup forces, equipment and  machinery with Nantou County Government, Fire Department, and Fire Agency

  Deputy Chief of Staff Wang indicated that the Min-an exercise integrated and verified the capacity of the government, military, police, fire agency, and civic community in order to build an intensive disaster prevention mechanism and ensure the life and property safety of citizens in Taiwan. During the exercise, each entity must follow safety regulations and achieve the goals solidly and safely.

  Deputy Chief of Staff Wang also visited Nantou County Magistrate Lin, Ming-Chen and indicated that the military actively prepared for the prevention of multiple disasters based on the duty to protect the country and citizens, and hoped to improve the response mechanisms of the military and local government through the exercise.

  Magistrate Lin, Ming-Chen said that the local government and the military have built a proper disaster prevention mechanism and cooperative mode in the 921 earthquake and previous natural disasters. For the Min-an exercise, Nantou County will cooperate with the military and demonstrate its capacity for disaster prevention, with the aim to perfect the responses to disasters.