Defense News


(Written by Reporter Lin, Ching-Chieh from Military News Agency, Taoyuan, January 13th)

As today is the 28th anniversary of the death of late President Chiang, Ching-Kuo. President Ma, Ying-Jeou visited the mausoleum of last President Chiang, Ching-Kuo at Daxi, Taoyuan.

At 9am, President Ma served as the host to give flowers and bowed three times in front of the mausoleum of last President Chiang, Ching-Kuo. After the ceremony, President Ma entered the mausoleum to silently give his tribute to the last President Chiang. The ceremony was solemnly completed. 

Vice President Wu Den-yih, Deputy Secretary-General Hsiung, Kuan-Hua and Hsiao, Shu-Chen, Secretary-General of National Security Council Kao, Hua-Chu, and Deputy Secretary-General Chao, Ke-Ta, Liu, Ta-Nien, and Kao, Chen-Chun also attended the ceremony.