Defense News


(Written by Reporter Li, Yi-Hao from Military News Agency, Taipei, January 11th)

President Ma, Ying-Jeou supervised Manufacturing Center of Armaments Bureau today to understand the personal equipment of ground forces and manufacturing of weaponry and recognize R&D results of military goods.

    Accompanied by Secretary-General of National Security Council Kao, Hua-Chu, Minister of National Defense Guangchi Gao, and Chef of Staff General Yen, Teh-Fa, President Ma visited Manufacturing Center of Armaments Bureau at the Guanghua camp in the morning to listen to task briefings, supervise the current state of research and development of military goods, and grant rewards for Chinese New Year.

    During the visit, when supervising personal equipment of eight ground forces, including “special forces”, “counter-terrorism”, “land battle”, “infantry”, “paratrooper, artillery, armor, and communications”, “chemistry and engineering”, and “military policy”, and multi-function assault rifles, President Ma felt impressive about efforts and results.

    President Ma also supervised infrared detecting sensors, 3D information system, and pneumatic rope launchers, and felt pleased about the research and development of multi-function equipment for operations and disaster rescue.

In addition, Armaments Bureau especially introduced the 30 mm chain gun model of “Centrino Project” that have completed turret and firing tests. Loaded with MK44 chain gun, the model features low recoil, low malfunction, and high shooting accuracy. Equipped with mobile shooting and CCD camera, the turret system is developed and assembled by National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology and planned to be put into production and operational training starting from 2017.