Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Lin Jing Jie, Hsinchu, Jan 4th 2016)

In his inspection of the 542th Armor Brigade and the Northern Joint Examination Center today, Chief of General Staff, General Yen Teh-Fa expressed his encouragement on behalf of the Defense Minister to the officers and soldiers. He also conveyed his expectations that they will demonstrate high morale and exhibit a strong combat force in their rigorous training to achieve the objectives of increasing combat proficiency.

In the visit to the Hukou Military Base, Hsinchu in the morning, the Chief of General Staff listened to the reports of the pre-exercise briefings, maneuver planning and other preparations, and ordered the officials at different levels to ensure compliance to the standard operating protocols and risk management procedures to guarantee military discipline and zero hazards.

The Chief of General Staff stressed that, safety is the basis for all military operations. Officials at different levels should conduct regular management patrols to ensure compliance with the requirements and orders from top level supervisors. All missions, trainings, duties and living requirements should be handled by respective departments to ensure effective supervision and implementation of risk prevention to enable military departments to identify potential hazards and engage in effective prevention and handling measures to ensure training safety.

General Yen indicated that training is the source of military might, so troops in training should continue to strengthen their physical combat skills, individual professional skills and weapons training in accordance with highest and most rigorous standards. Through the training results and the joint military exercise of the Armed Forces, the military would be able to strengthen the military might and build a military force that is “elite, strong and compact”.

To build closer relationships with the civilian sector, and encourage greater support for military affairs, General Yen has reminded the troops in training to strengthen communications with the local community and effectively increase cooperation relationships.

After the visit, the Chief of General Staff conducted a visit to the Army Northern Joint Examination Center to understand better the specific implementation practices of the new examination standards and acknowledged the efforts and contributions of the supervisory departments. He also expressed his expectations that the officials will be able to gradually increase the combat effectiveness of joint military operations under the new examination standards so as to achieve the goals of training for combat readiness and build a strong military force.