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(Military News Agency reporter, Lin Jing Jie, Taipei, Jan 4th 2016)

 The 2016 Vocational Training, co-organized by the Vocational Training Center and the Veterans Service Offices in each county/city, is expected to provide 241 training classes, offering training to 7,473 retired military personnel. Veterans (or family members) that require assistance in change of careers or re-employment should make use of the opportunity to register for the training to increase their competitiveness in the employment market.

The Vocational Training Center expressed that the training this year will be offered to veterans, retired military personnel (limited to participation for Day Classes and Industry-Oriented Training Classes), bereaved family members of military personnel and veterans, as well as the spouses and children of veterans. To register, participants may apply to the Vocational Training Center and Veterans Service Offices through methods such as internet, mail, telephone and over the counter.

The Center also indicated that, the courses offered at the Center may be registered by veterans (family members) from other counties/cities while the courses offered at the respective Service Offices will prioritize the training applications from local counties/cities over applications from other counties/cities. Therefore, the veterans and family members on outlying island should register for training at their local Service Offices. If there are any doubts or inquiries, please contact the Center or the Service Offices for assistance.

The Center stressed that, if veterans require certain employment skillsets not offered by the trainings, they may suggest the name of the skillset to the Center or Service Offices, and depending on the utilization of training resources and annual budgets, the courses may be organized in future.