Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Li Zhong-Xuan, New Taipei City, December 26th)

    To allow the public to understand the histories of Taiwan Air Force establishment and the evolution of aircrafts, the Taoyuan Airport Corporation has organized the “A Historical Exhibition of Taiwan’s Airports and Aviation Development” in the Tamsui Arts & Cultural Park. The event invited the Deputy Commander in Chief of Air Force Command Headquarters, Lieutenant General Liu Shou-Ren to give a theme speech today which will enable the public to revisit the histories of our air force resistance. Arriving in the afternoon, Air Force Deputy Commander in Chief Liu gave a speech themed, “Air Force and its Development in War” which briefly described the histories of air force development and the contributions in the eight years of resistance against Japanese occupation.

    Deputy Commander in Chief Liu expressed that since the establishment of the Air Force, our Air Force has matured and undergone countless sacrifices of precious lives in war to achieve peace and prosperity for the society and ensure the survival and development of Taiwan. Taiwan citizens should remember that war is cruel and merciless, so peace should be treasured. He also advocated the public to continue their support for the military and defense policies and contribute to national security. The exhibition is classified into 6 theme sections, namely “Lofty Aspirations Create Immortal Legends”, “Resisting Aerial Aggression and Annihilating Enemies”, “Courageous Defense to Exhibit the Spirit of Jianqiao”, “Martyrs and Eternal Role Models”, “Neighbors within A Thousand Miles Bound in Global Friendship” and “An East Asia Foundation Leads to Limitless Future Possibilities”. Lasting until December 31st, the exhibition will be open to public.