Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Xu Zhen-Wei, Taipei, December 24th)

    In the “2015 Ministry of Defense Construction and Real Estate Annual Review Meeting” held today, Deputy Minister of Defense, Zheng De-Mei has expressed his expectations that the officials in the Construction and Real Estate Division will be able to take a diligent and united approach to ensure the completion of the construction missions in accordance to the annual plans. Held in the Bo-Ai Military Base, the annual review meeting featured theme reports by officials from the Armaments Bureau and Air Force Command Headquarters. Focusing on key issues such as investment and construction, auctions and contracting, and construction quality, the meeting allowed the officials to share their experiences with their peers so that they may learn from one another and propose feasible solutions for the improvement of construction quality and efficiency.

    The Deputy Minister also indicated that, as the process of project implementation is often fraught with various construction issues challenges, hence the implementation and planning departments should take an active approach in tackling the challenges so as to ensure the project is implemented on schedule and to build a high quality armament and living environment. He also expects the officials at different levels to continue to promote anti-corruption and anti-fraud campaigns. The officials should implement “rule of law” and provide guidance and supervision personally to build a first-level supervision mechanism which will value personnel conduct and ethics and ensure that operations will be conducted in accordance with “Procurement Personnel Code of Ethics” to protect the honor of the military.