Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Liu De-Qing, December 22nd)

    In the “December 2015 Armament Review” conducted by Deputy Minister of Defense, General Zheng De-Mei today, he praised the armament personnel and acknowledged their efforts in production and development over the years. He also expects them to integrate the resources and implement personnel safety, armament security and industrial safety in accordance with the steps and procedures. Detailed and accurate planning should also be utilized to ensure the effective implementation of armament operations. In his afternoon visit to the Armament Review Meeting at 202nd Armament Bureau Factory, the Deputy Minister called together the officials from the Ministry of Defense and the various Command Headquarters for a review meeting on this year’s project progress, weapon acquisition, and the annual supervision of National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, and the project plans for next year. Latest R&D successes are also demonstrated to allow the officials present to gain a better understanding of our self-developments in National Defense.

    General Zheng also expressed that all departments should conduct a full, detailed review of the implementation obstacles of the new projects, plan advanced processes and methods, implement node control, and complete projects ahead of schedule. He also hopes that the timely and appropriate acquisition of the weapon systems and armament will meet demands of military armament and increase our defense capacity. Following the review meeting, the Deputy Minister also conducted an inspection on the Armament Bureau production center to inspect the developed weapons and armament systems, and expressed his encouragement and acknowledgement for their contributions in national defense technology.