Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Lin Jing-Jie, December 21st)

    In the “2015 R.O.C. Military Legal Affairs Review Meeting” today, Minister of Defense Gao Guang-Chi expressed his expectations that the officials present will uphold the belief of “Military Law Compliance” to provide the military officers and soldiers with legal services such as drafting legal documents, legal consultation and ad litem services so as assist them in solving legal issues and protecting their rights. Minister Gao will also be awarding the outstanding departments and role models during the Legal Affairs Review Meeting held at Bo-Ai Military Base in the afternoon for their hard work and efforts in military law and human rights protection. He also expects the legal personnel to learn from their betters to ensure the through implementation of “Rule of Law”.

    The Defense Minister expressed that all military officials and officers should appoint people based on their strengths and when faced with any legal or administrative issues, they should first consult the officials in the legal departments to avoid any accidental violations of regulations which may affect leadership. He also expects the legal officers serving as legal consultants in the military to protect the prestige and leadership of officers, and maintain the harmony of the troops. If there are any decisions or orders at risk of violating the law, the legal officers should voice their suggestions promptly to avoid any subsequent problems and protect the honor of army. He also stressed that the legal personnel should practice empathy and focus on the needs of the officers and soldiers so that they may experience the professionalism, warm-heartedness and quality of the “Military Law Compliance”.

    During the missions, the military may sometimes encounter public litigation cases, thus requiring to the agent or counseling services provided by military law personnel. Minister Gao requests that the military law officers should abide by their profession to provide legal consultation to prevent violation or non-compliance incidents due to lack of understanding or misunderstanding of regulations by the officers and soldiers. In response to the restructuring of the priorities of military law, the Defense Minister also encourages the legal personnel to have a better understanding of the missions of their military unit so as to provide better educational material on rule of law. Seminars should also be conducted regularly to ensure the military officials and officers are familiar with the new penalty system in military law. Comprehensive legal procedures will ensure the protection of human rights and better implementation of military discipline and efficiency to achieve the objectives of preventing crimes. In the earlier review meeting conducted by Deputy Minister of Defense, General Zheng De-Mei, besides the promotion of new policies by the Department of Legal Affairs, theme reports were conducted by different departments to allow the sharing of experiences in legal affairs and mutual learning which will better assist the promotion of rule of law in the military.