Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Li Yi-Hao, Pingtung, December 17th)


Organized by the Ministry of Defense, the “School Recruitment Program” was conducted in Ping Rong High School, Pingtung County today. Many booths showed an exciting array of activities and demonstrations, while school alumni were invited to share their experiences with the graduating students and introduce the welfare and benefits offered in a military career so as to encourage them to sign on and serve their country. In an afternoon visit to the Recruitment Program, Secretary of Defense, Lieutenant General Wang Zhong-Xin met with the Principal of Ping Rong High School, Xu Fu-Xiang. The Secretary of Defense also expressed his thanks on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, Gao Guang-Chi for the school’s support in the promotion of the recruitment program. At the same time, he wishes that students will participate enthusiastically and begin an outstanding military career.


During the recruitment discussion forum, besides the sharing of experiences in the military by the Secretary of Defense, current military officers and soldiers in the school alumni also shared their military experiences to their juniors and encouraged them to take on the challenge, broaden their horizon and achieve their aspirations in the large military family. In addition, recruitment booths were set up to provide inquiry services which attracted many students to inquire about recruitment information. The enthusiastic response is testament of the support in the event and high willingness to join the military of the youths of Pingtung.