Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chen, Ying-Chu from Military News Agency, Taipei, December 16th)

    Chief of Staff General Yen, Te-Fa hosted “2015 Personnel Work Review” and encouraged units to actively enhance the recruitment and retention rate and achieve the transformation of military service. The review was held at the Boai camp in the afternoon. Chief of Staff Yen first praised excellent units and individuals for their efforts and contributions, and later proposed “expansion of recruitment”, “increase in retention rate”, “promotion of excellent talents”, “implementation of punishment and reward”, “cultivation of military talents”, “implementation of gender equity”, and “enhancement of internal control” as the reference to future enhancement of personnel work

    Chief of Staff Yen emphasized that the military is a community, where individuals’ behaviors would affect the citizens’ judgment on the armed forces. With various regulations and disciplines set in the military, the key is whether cadres at all levels are experienced to guide subordinates and are capable of changing the traditional concept of leadership and humbly asking soldiers to carry out daily works and preparedness in accordance with procedures and guidelines. In the review, the command of the army, navy, and air forces, Military Police Command, Air Defense Missile Command, Military Academy, National Defense University, and Reserve Command respectively gave presentations of annual personnel work, review, and improvements and discussed specific cases and related issues with the aim to build the consensus and serve as the reference to practice.