Defense News


(Written by Reporter Lin, Ching-Chieh from Military News Agency, Taipei, December 15th)

    In “2015 Military Cadre Seminar” held today, Minister of Ministry of National Defense Guangchi Gao encouraged cadres at all levels to raise the alert on the enemy and strive for preparedness, so as to ensure sustainable development of the country. Held at the Boai camp in the morning, “2015 Military Cadre Seminar” was hosted by Minister Gao. Chief of Staff General Yen, Te-Fa, Deputy Minister Chen, Yong-Kang, General Cheng, Te-Mei, President of National Defense University General Wu, Wan-Jiao, and commanders and important cadres attended the seminar.  

    Minister Gao said that as this year marked the 70th anniversary of Victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan and the Retrocession of Taiwan, soldiers should recognize the duty to “protect the country and citizens and follow the constitution” and make efforts to defend the Republic of China in addition to commemorating the martyrs’ contribution and sacrifice. As new recruits are gradually joining the army, Minister Gao hoped that cadres should train soldiers to be familiar with equipment and strengthen fighting forces as in the operations based on the disciplines and standards.

    Minister Gao further indicated that as disciplines are the core of the army, soldiers should focus on their duty and follow disciplines strictly based on intensive training and guidance. In addition, cadres should instill the concept of gender equity in soldiers to build an appropriate working environment and pure atmosphere and gather coherence, so as to win citizens’ recognition and support. Minister Gao emphasized that as the 14th election of president and vice president and the 9th election of legislators will be held next month, soldiers should defend the constitutional system and maintain neutral administration to avoid getting involved in election campaigns and fulfill the demand for the national military in response to commitments to the country, citizens, and duty as well as citizens’ expectations.