Defense News


(Written by Reporter Lin, Ching-Chieh from Military News Agency, Taipei, December 9th)

    Minister of Ministry of National Defense Guangchi Gao attended “2015 Political Warfare Review” today to encourage cadres to passionately and concretely pursue excellence and innovation and help the national defense transform with times. The Political Warfare Review was held at Zhongzheng Hall of the Boai camp in the morning. Minister Gao praised excellent units and individuals for their excellent jobs and encouraged all cadres to learn from them and help commanders achieve related tasks.  

    Minister Gao recognized Political Warfare Bureau for their efforts to hold a series of activities commemorating the 70th Anniversary of Victory in the War of Resistance against Japan and the Retrocession of Taiwan. Such effort not only praised the honorable history of the military, but allowed citizens to understand the military’s contribution to the preparedness and national security. Minister Gao encouraged cadres to actively maintain the authority and become the bridge of communication based on the faiths in “Adventure, Hardship, Responsibility, Endurance”, so as to stabilize the morale, establish serious disciplines, and promote the harmonious and improving military. 

    “Participating in wars to protect the country and nationals” is soldiers’ sacred duty. Minister Gao asked cadres at all levels to cultivate soldiers’ military virtue through training based on features of units and individuals and improve the spiritual fighting forces. With rapid changes in social environments, low birth rate, single-parent family, and cross-generation education, the military has faced a considerable challenge when managing and training soldiers. Minister Gao reminded cadres that they should proactively discovered soldiers’ emotional problems and guided grassroots cadres to fulfill “preliminary precautions” and understand soldiers’ needs.

    Minister Gao pointed out that with the promotion of voluntary military service, cadres should take care of subordinates, gather coherence, and build a pleasant working environment through family seminars and networking. Given China’s insistence on military force against Taiwan, Minister Gao asked cadres to strengthen soldiers’ mental defense and the sense of alertness and safety, so as to ensure the prevention of spy. 

    Earlier in the review hosted by Director-General of Political Warfare Bureau Lieutenant General Wen, Chen-Kuo, he watched the films highlighting major works in the past and listened to the reports on work effects of every type of armed services. In addition, Wen encouraged cadres to recognize their roles, fulfill the creed of political warfare, and take on the responsibility for missions of political warfare. Given that the 14th election of president, vice president, and legislators will be held on January 16, 2016, Director-General Wen reminded cadres that they should abide by the order of “neutral administration” to fulfill the goal of “the national military.”