Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chen, Chien-Hsing from Military News Agency, Taipei, December 8th)

Ministry of National Defense held “2015 Annual Military Community Service Review and Cadre Seminar” today at the Boai camp. As a host, Director-General of Political Warfare Bureau Lieutenant General Wen, Chen-Kuo encouraged cadres to fulfill the administration with dedicated service and efficiency and take on challenges based on innovative thoughts.


 Director-General Wen pointed out that stabilizing the military community equals stabilizing the military. Thus, the military community service is closely related to the fighting forces of the military and benefits the promotion of voluntary military service. Cadres should integrate resources and fulfill the care service for military dependents.


 Director-General Wen indicated that although the renovation of military communities was about to come to an end, cadres should carefully think about how to make adjustments and respond to social transition and expectations based on innovative thoughts, so as to achieve higher efficiency and perfect the military community services.  Director-General Wen encouraged cadres to strengthen the work value and fulfill the care for military communities (veterans) based on the principles of harmony, modesty, and administration by law.


 In the seminar, the organizer also invited related units to brief “Spare Household Selling Price”, “Spare Household Property Transfer”, and “Personal Information Protection” to strengthen participants’ work competency and increase the effect of military community service.