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(Written by Reporter Cho, Yi-Li from Military News Agency, Taichung, December 7th)
    To strengthen the mental counseling, 104 Infantry Brigade of 10th Army Corps held the grassroots mental counseling seminar and invited physician Hung, Kuo-Hsiang from Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital and the counselor Chuang, Yu-Ling from Central Mental Health Center to share experiences and improve the cadres’ professionalism and capability of emergency response. Hung, Kuo-Hsian said that the new recruits’ lifestyle before joining in the military service is different from that during the military service, so they felt depressed inevitably. If such depression affected the daily behaviors and mental thoughts, soldiers would have difficulties in adapting themselves to the troops. Thus, counselors and mental counselors at every level are the first to discover and handle such situation and reduce the safety issues in troops. 

    In addition, the counselor Chuang, Yu-Ling used games to teach cadres how to help soldiers change their minds and take a positive attitude and further find the most correct solutions, so as to build a team with trust, support, and love and healthy working environment. Supervisor of 104 Infantry Brigade Colonel Yang granted these two teachers certificates to thank them for sharing professional knowledge and experiences with cadres. In the future, cadres will care and provide counseling services for new recruits to allow soldiers to adapt themselves to the military and ensure the harmonious and solid forces.