Defense News


(Interviewed by Reporter Lin, Ching-Chieh from Military News Agency)

“Looking at the development of firearms in every country, Germany achieves the highest level of technology and modeling, which is worth following”, said Supervisor of R&D Office of Armaments Bureau No. 205 Plant Colonel Ma, Shu-Jung. Ma said that the R&D team of firearms followed Germany and obtained the capabilities of technology and design and further developed the series of guns. Also, the team constructed the modular individual weapons, allowing soldiers to swiftly master the function of rifles and meet the needs for operations.

 Ma further indicated that to develop firearms that comply with the modern operations, the team conducted on careful research on the modern international war history and development of ground weapons and carried out the innovative research and development of T65 rifles, so as to build present T91 rifles and next-generation XT guns. The biggest change in the body of gun is from fixed butt of a rifle into flexible one in response to the change in operations from plains to limited space or towns, making soldiers be able to react to the environmental change and exert the function of weapons.

 Speaking of breakthrough in qualified firearms, Ma pointed out that the research fellows from Armaments Bureau No. 205 Plant duplicated similar products in early days based on the prototype of internationally universal firearms but often failed to meet expected goals of equipment function; later with the joint effort and many years of experiences in research and correction, the team was successfully transformed into an innovative researcher by actively carrying out the development and applying for patents, and finally manufactured weapons suitable for the ground operations.

    Ma emphasized that the team was not complacent with current performances and further planned to design modular products with the aim to improve the convenience of logistics maintenance and allow the fighting forces to swiftly replace damaged weapons and parts with minimum costs. In addition, the fulfillment and development of gun family was the biggest change by Armaments Bureau No. 205 Plant. Ma said that in the past, firearms built by research fellows often could not meet the target and practicability due to different specialties and guidelines, causing users to be unable to well operate firearms. In view of this, the plant recently introduced the concept of gun family and developed a series of products based on the nature of targets and tasks, which not only made present soldiers get familiar with new weapons swiftly, but also allowed retirees to recover their capacities in a short time.