Defense News


(Written by Reporter Wu, Po-Yi from Military News Agency, Kaohsiung, December 3rd)

8th Army Corps 39 Chemical Group helped carry out disinfection and control dengue fever in Tainan. Mayor of Tainan City Lai, Ching-Te led the government faculty to thank soldiers on behalf of citizens in Tainan for their efforts to prevent the disaster and safeguard the homeland.


 Accompanied by Commander of 39 Chemical Group Lieutenant General Chi, Commander of Tainan Reserve Command Colonel Li, and Head of Tainan Veterans Center He, Chuan-Chang, Mayor Lai visited 39 Chemical Group in the morning. During the visit, Mayor Lai interviewed the soldiers and recognized their efforts in several months. Lai thanked soldiers for their consistent faith in disaster prevention and protection of citizens.


 Mayor Lai said that recently the condition of dengue fever in Tainan City has been relieved, which could be attributed to the fire brigade and 39 Chemical Group of 8th Army Corps. In the most severe condition of dengue fever, these soldiers carried out disinfection and helped control the condition.


 During the visit, 8th Army Corps also described the effect of disaster prevention. Since August 11, almost 20,000 soldiers were called on in these 114 days to carry out disinfection in 17 districts and 16,100 households in Tainan City. Mayor Lai once again thanked soldiers for their contribution and shook hands with every “disaster prevention hero.”