Defense News


(Written by Reporter Wu, Po-Yi from Military News Agency, Tainan, December 2ed)

    Southern Region Engineering Office of Armaments Bureau held “2015 Occupational Training” and invited professional instructors to improve professional competency and on-site practice and ensure the completion of military constructions on time. The training was held at the construction site in Tainan in the morning. Before the training started, the director of Southern Region Engineering Office Colonel Huang gave instructions and encouraged colleagues to learn how to manage, supervise, follow, and integrate engineering projects at the front-line posts and improve work efficiency.

    During the training, senior cadres of on-site engineering team explained the engineering project, on-site supervision, quality maintenance, and security management. Later, they led participants to visit the construction site. Through discussion and experience sharing, the training hoped to gather the consensus and help colleagues make contribution to premium military engineering.