Defense News


(Written by Reporter Li, Yi-Hao from Military News Agency, Taipei, December 1st)
    Deputy Minister Chen, Yong-Kang hosted the inauguration of Director of Political Warfare Bureau Lieutenant General Wen, Cheng-Kuo and encouraged colleagues to devote themselves to their posts under the leadership of the new director. The inauguration was held at the Poai camp in the morning. After Deputy Minister Chen read out the order, Lieutenant General Wen, Cheng-Kuo sworn in. Later, Deputy Minister Chen granted “Order of Resplendent Banner with Special Cravat” to Director Wen to recognize his excellent contribution to the Division of Political Warfare, Navy Command Headquarters.

    Deputy Minister Chen indicated that as the highest guiding unit for the political warfare, Political Warfare Bureau cultivates fighting forces, provides counseling, and handles security and military news internally and focuses on propaganda, psychological operations, and service for people publicly. With the leadership of directors, the Bureau has achieved excellent results. Emphasizing the “military virtue”, “transformation of national defense”, “care for soldiers”, “maintenance of integrity”, and “communication with the media”, Deputy Minister Chen also encouraged cadres to follow the leadership of new director and enhance the development of political warfare on the existing solid foundation.