Defense News


(Written by Reporter Cho, Yi-Li from Military News Agency, Nantou, November 26th)

    In response to possible snow disasters in mountain areas, 586 Armored Brigade, 10th Army Corps preset forces for the immediate disaster rescue in the future. Two CM21 armored vehicles were stationed at Wu Ling base for the emergency mechanism and deployment with the local police and fire department. To complete the emergency mechanism for snow disasters at mountain areas, 586 Armored Brigade completed the field survey, physical examination, physical training, inspection of winter equipment, and maintenance of CM21 armed vehicles few days ago. Soldiers added antifreeze to tanks and used cold-resistant oil and medical devices; at the same time, soldiers were assigned to investigate the environment in Hehuanshan for the full preparation.

 In the morning, after Deputy Chief of Staff of10th Army Corps Major-general Chen gave ordered, responsible soldiers successfully transported two CM21 armed vehicles to the Wu Ling camp at Hehuanshan with the help of the police from Cuifeng Police Station in Nantou County by controlling traffic and helping preset forces and equipment. 10th Army Corps indicated that after soldiers from 586 Armored Brigade and two CM21 armed vehicles were stationed at the Wu Ling base, they would assist the local police in evacuation, material handling, and casualty evacuation and ensure civilians’ life safety in case of natural disasters or major accidents. 10th Army Corps emphasized that preset forces will closely follow the weather condition at the target area and project possible development of disaster to initiate the emergency mechanism timely before the occurrence of disaster, so as to fulfill rescues effectively and secure citizens.