Defense News


(Written by Reporter Li, Chung-Hsuan from Military News Agency, Pingtung, November 25th)

    Deputy Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Wang Hsing-Wei inspected the special forces today and praised soldiers on behalf of Minister Guangchi Gao for their outstanding achievements in preparedness and military training. Deputy Chief of Staff Wang accompanied by related officers visited the special forces of the army, marines, and military police to listen to task briefings, understand the condition of training and evaluation, and provide guidance for training courses.

    Deputy Chief of Staff Wang asked each unit to complete the grouping and control communications for important protective targets in responsible areas. In addition, Wang asked soldiers to fulfill the liaison mechanisms and strengthen military training to respond to emergency. Moreover, Wang also guided each unit to focus on the smooth command, swift maneuver, and sound equipment and complete the military simulation and preparedness, so as to take immediate actions in target areas and respond accordingly upon receiving orders.