Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chen, Ying-Chu from Military News Agency, Taipei, November 24th)

    Deputy Chief of the General Staff for Communications Electronics and Information Major-general Tong, Yu-Wen indicated in the regular news conference held in the morning that the military has established “Disaster Prevention Information Platform” to strengthen the command of disaster rescue and provide the up-to-date information about frontline storm and accident rescues for emergency response centers at all levels. Tong, Yu-Wen said that during the strike of Typhoon Soudelor, the rescue team went deep into the disaster areas and took good advantage of private-owned telecommunications resources to instantly transmit the disaster situation to command centers at all levels, making commanders swiftly understand the situation and dispatch rescue teams effectively. In addition, during the rescue of AT-3 trainer accident, the military used the “disaster prevention mobile device” and carried satellite wifi-sharing devices to supplement the communication gap between base stations and instantly upload photos of wreckage for identification, which significantly improved the operating efficiency of command centers. 

 Regarding the systemic structure and security, Tong, Yu-Wen said that the disaster prevention information is archived in the self-managed server of the military. All information is transmitted through encryption to avoid disclose. He emphasized that “Disaster Prevention Information Platform” integrates various approaches to telecommunications transmission held by the military and private-owned providers and establishes the communication channel among command centers. According to the empirical evidence of disaster prevention and rescues, the platform effectively supported the command of disaster prevention and rescue. In the future, the most updated telecommunications technology will be introduced to enhance the efficacy of military command of disaster prevention and rescue.